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Confirm Your Next Career Move

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Re-invent your work with a complete career change or make small improvements that carry big impact! Plan your next steps with the help of a career professional who has helped others do the same for over 20 years.



You’re dissatisfied with your current career: You’re thinking your current career is not aligned with your interests, values, or long-term goals.

You have a desire for change: You want something more or different for your career or work. You feel drawn to pursue a new career that brings you more fulfillment and satisfaction or to make improvements where you are.

You’re feeling stuck: You believe there's something better or more suited to you but you're not sure what that is or can't pull the trigger on it.

You’re feeling drawn to career exploration and research: You're considering different career options and are in the research phase and are looking for guidance on potential paths. Or, you know what you want but want support to move forward with it.

You’re looking for expertise: You understand the need for professional guidance to navigate the next chapter of your career successfully.

Ideal fit if:

"Setting up my private accountancy practice was a great decision for me. I wouldn't have done it without support. If you're wavering about whether or not to work with Christine--stop wavering and do it."--Mark G., CPA

You'll get:


Initial Assessment and Goal Setting: What change is required? A career change? A job change? To make improvements right where you are? We’ll assess your current career, your skills, interests, and motivations and create clear career goals and plans. 

Gap and Transferable Skills Analysis: We’ll identify the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be while also acknowledging how far you've come. From the more tangible aspects–your education, training, and experience to what feels less tangible–your approach to work, your attitude, and your outlook.

Career Exploration and Decision Making: Identify careers and environments that align with who you are and what you want. Make decisions based on your specific goals and plans. From choosing a new career direction, to new ways of showing up–you'll come out of this work forever changed.

Action and Accountability: Meeting with me regularly bakes the accountability right in! We'll address challenges and celebrate wins together! 

Pricing + Details

Program Cost:

$1,995 (all inclusive)

Payment Plan:

Monthly payment plan available, 25% down to start


12, one-to-one career counselling/coaching sessions delivered virtually (1 hr each) over 16 weeks. 

Next Steps:

Register for an information session below!

Single sessions you can book any time for immediate support (and relief) when things at work feel hard.

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