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Client Reviews

Chris, Ontario, CA 

Since beginning my work with Christine, I set up my own business, and started my own practice. My confidence grew in my ability to succeed in this business. Everyone I know, knows exactly what I'm working on, lol. What I liked most about working with Christine was her judgement on when to focus on my thinking vs. practical advice and her personable and consistent approach. I would definitely recommend Christine to any friends or family I know that are thinking of making a big change in their career, especially trying something they've always wanted to do (that's new to them). 

Kim, Ontario, CA

I followed Christine on social media for quite some time before I reached out so I felt confident that she was the right coach for me. I’d recommend her coaching for anyone who feels stuck in their career and doesn’t quite know where to begin – anyone looking for accountability and motivation to change. Working with Christine led to a huge shift in my thinking about the level of power I have over my personal contentment. What I liked best about working with Christine was that I felt safe – she is genuine, honest and supportive – so I was able to be vulnerable and easily share what I needed in order to move forward. Her constant reassurance that it’s okay to continue exploring, shifting and changing as I grow was invaluable for my piece of mind. Most importantly, Christine believed in me when I had trouble believing in myself. She helped me truly internalize that no matter what obstacles and challenges arise, I can persevere and continue moving forward.

Karoline, Ontario, CA

I highly recommend Christine for anyone who is ready to go after what they really want in their career and in their life.  Christine created a tailor-made program that had me reaching deep inside to discover who I am and what I want.  Next, she guided me through the concrete action steps required to achieve my dreams.  Christine’s gentle and approachable style created a safe atmosphere that allowed me to explore and grow, and her firm guidance supported me whenever I was scared.  Most importantly, Christine was flexible and caring as I worked through several personal challenges that arose during our journey together.  The work I did with Christine continues to resonate months after our sessions have ended, and I am confident that the lessons I learned will continue to help me through whatever career and life challenges may lie ahead.

Sharmeena, Ontario, CA

Before I worked with Christine, I felt like I was at a dead end. I decided to take a chance by signing up for career coaching sessions, unsure of where it would lead me. It has since been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Christine is very understanding, and thorough in her approach to helping her clients. I felt like each session was tailored to suit my needs and equipped me with the tools to overcome every challenge I faced. I came out of the career coaching sessions with a lot more confidence and control over my own future, and even tried doing things that I didn’t think I would ever be able to do.

Kareen, UK

In the beginning I thought I needed job searching support and a concrete way to successfully search for work and setting up a new career, but this was actually so far from what I needed. I realised that mindset is everything, and feel like I have a good foundation now moving forward since working with Christine. I initially had hesitations about being able to step up. I feel so much more in control of my future, not just in my career but with my life in general also. What I liked most was naming the elephant in the room right from the start by going to the cause as to why I was not able to make the changes I wanted in my career. It felt so empowering to be able to take responsibility for what was happening in my life.  I've also benefited in my relationships, and my overall well-being.  Christine was always clear about being available via email for any issues or queries, which really helped to know.  I would recommend Christine because her support was so helpful and actually encouraging. I have already spoken her praises to my family and colleagues.

 Susan S., Ontario, CA

I was feeling so miserable in my job that I almost couldn’t see another way/options for myself.  I really enjoyed our regular conversations and your approach which is deeply compassionate, thoughtful and a reality check when I need it! You ask me really insightful questions and the homework, frameworks and exercises kept me focused and moving forward in a way that always felt supportive and tailored to my needs.  I once again feel like I have options - that has been huge! Your emphasis on choice and that I get to choose what I do and don’t do has liberated me, truly. I feel like myself again even on the hard days. The thought work is something I’m using nearly every day and applying to all areas of my life, not just career and business.  I’d recommend you to people who know they want a change in their career but can’t quite put a finger on what it might be. People who are ready to take action, have some of their existing paradigms challenged in a healthy, helpful way, and who want to trust themselves no matter what next steps they take. You will need to show up ready to change your mind, and work hard AND you will be fully supported along the way! I loved working with you Christine!

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