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Career Counsellor and coach in Milton. 


Ready for some help to manage your career? Whether you're worried about the potential of a job layoff or want some help to find something new, Booth Careers has over 20 years of career and job search help experience.


If you're new to Milton or are thinking about moving to the area, it's a great choice! I'm very familiar with the area and can shed some light on what's happening with the labour market in Milton.


Milton is located in the middle of the Western GTA labour market (Halton and Peel) which has well over a million workers and makes up some where in the range of 35% of the labour force of the GTHA. Milton has a growing population in the range of 160,000 and has a highly skilled work force of over 75,000 people. Part of the Halton region, it's near the epicentre of  the Ontario Innovation Corridor, one of Canada's biggest tech clusters. 


Since 2011, the knowledge-based job growth of Milton has regularly surpassed the provincial average and it is one of the most educated workforces in Ontario.


Milton tends to attract high achieving professionals within the tech and knowledge based fields. 

In 2021, Milton had an employment participation rate exceeding 70% and an employment rate of over 60% which is the highest in Halton. 


Booth Careers provides career coaching and counselling-- including job search and career change support to the Milton community. 


We've have also served local employers by providing outplacement services. Feel free to contact Booth Careers at 647-313-9928 or visit our service pages for more information.


Booth Careers has 20 plus years of expertise in career coaching and counselling, job search support, and career and job search planning. We're ready to help you manage your career in Milton! 

You're welcome to book a your online session below. 

Career Counselling + Coaching in Milton!

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2010 winston park drive, suite 200, oakville, ontario L6H 6P5

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