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4 Golden Rules for Career Satisfaction 

Thinking about a career or job change because you can't keep on doing what you're doing? Awesome! I love that for you AND I want you to make sure you're doing it for reasons you love. I want you to follow the 4 golden rules for career satisfaction so you don't bring your misery with you to the next place. Here they are:

Rule #1

If you're looking for a new job because you want to reduce your stress, also commit to a stress management practice (if you don't already have one). Sure, find a less demanding/less stressful job and use this an opportunity to look inside as well as outside.

Rule #2

If you're looking for a new job so you'll have more money, decide how you'll manage more money, too. Absolutely find ways to make more and use this as an opportunity to maximize it when you do. 

Rule #3

If you're looking for a new job because you want to find a better boss and/or coworkers, YES leave if you're surrounded by a bunch of a-holes. Also, consider using this as an opportunity to decide how you want to protect your peace on your own terms once you're in an environment that works better. This might include a review of your own boundaries, emotional regulation, and the way who speak to yourself. Evaluate your level of self-compassion and self-validation ensuring you're not seeking these things only outside of yourself.

Absolutely, find your people in a new job. Look for shared values, like-mindedness, and better fit.

Rule #4

If you're in search of your dream career, yes, please do find something you’re passionate about and that you find fulfilling or challenging in all the ways you crave! While you're at it, please use it as an opportunity to create an identity and life outside of that career.

How can you make choices that create harmony between your professional and personal life?

It's not your job, your pay check, your ability to meet deadlines, be promoted, or even your charm that dictates your worth. Don't give your career all the credit.

4 golden rules for career satisfaction
4 golden rules for career satisfaction

Let me also add, there are really no golden rules. These are just things I've seen come up for my clients or learned for myself through my own experiences. You get to make your own rules and remember...

You don’t have a single thing to prove to anyone.

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