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Career Regret

career stress and regret
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What if, career regret wasn’t ever the result of consciously choosing something or making a decision? Even if, later on you’d pick differently?

What if, career regret was only ever the result of never letting yourself re-decide things and make new decisions? Even if, later on you’d pick the same thing again?

What then, I wonder?

I'm going to list 20 of the top career regrets folks have shared with me over the years. If you are spending time wishing you did things differently and are having career regret, please know it's never to late to make some new decisions.

1. Not pursuing a career that aligns with your passions and values

2. Not taking more risks or being more entrepreneurial in your career

3. Staying in a job or career that doesn't fulfill you for too long

4. Not investing enough time and effort into developing your skills and knowledge

5. Not networking enough or building meaningful relationships in your industry

6. Not negotiating your salary or benefits package effectively

7. Not asking for feedback or seeking mentorship and guidance

8. Not taking advantage of opportunities for professional development or education

9. Failing to maintain a healthy work-life balance and experiencing burnout or stress

10. Not being adaptable to change and new technologies or trends in your field

11. Not standing up for yourself or advocating for your ideas and contributions

12. Not pursuing a higher degree or certification when it could have benefited your career

13. Not speaking up or sharing your opinions when it could have helped your team or organization

14. Not taking ownership of your mistakes or failures and learning from them

15. Not building a strong personal brand or online presence in your field

16. Not exploring diverse career options or industries earlier in your career

17. Not seeking out challenges and opportunities for growth and development

18. Not building a solid financial plan or saving enough for retirement

19. Not prioritizing your mental and emotional well-being in your career decisions.

20. Not prioritizing your mental and emotional well-being in your career decisions.

If you have career regrets, there are several steps you can take to address them and move forward:

Acknowledge your regrets: It's important to acknowledge and accept the regrets you have about your career. It's okay to feel disappointed or frustrated, but it's important to avoid dwelling on these feelings.

Reflect on your goals and values: Take some time to reflect on your personal and professional goals and values. Consider what's most important to you and what you want to achieve in your career.

Seek support: Consider seeking support from a career counsellor, mentor, or trusted friend or family member who can provide guidance and support as you move forward.

Remember, career regrets are a natural part of the career journey, and it's never too late to make changes and pursue a more fulfilling career path. With determination and a solid plan, you can take steps towards achieving your career goals and finding greater satisfaction in your work.

I know something brought you here and maybe it was a search for what to do next about your career. There are a few ways I can help:

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Sarah took the Make Work Better quiz and said this:

“Christine! I wanted to say thanks. I completed the quiz and then it clicked: I don't feel my contributions are recognized or valued by my employer. Time to have a tough conversation and make some decisions. Thanks for the nudge.”

Kim, a one on one coaching client had this to say about working with me:

I followed Christine on social media for quite some time before I reached out so I felt confident that she was the right coach for me. I’d recommend her coaching for anyone who feels stuck in their career and doesn’t quite know where to begin – anyone looking for accountability and motivation to change. Working with Christine led to a huge shift in my thinking about the level of power I have over my personal contentment. What I liked best about working with Christine was that I felt safe – she is genuine, honest and supportive – so I was able to be vulnerable and easily share what I needed in order to move forward. Her constant reassurance that it’s okay to continue exploring, shifting and changing as I grow was invaluable for my piece of mind. Most importantly, Christine believed in me when I had trouble believing in myself. She helped me truly internalize that no matter what obstacles and challenges arise, I can persevere and continue moving forward.


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