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You’re never stuck in a profession you hate. You just haven’t found your next thing YET.

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Career change help for people who want to leave their profession

Running away from anything feels terrible. In the moment, it might bring a fleeting sense of relief. I get that. BUT once you break free, you're left to deal with the aftermath.

In my opinion it's much easier and a lot more fun to run towards something instead.

Decide the struggle is temporary

If you're feeling like you're stuck in a profession you hate, the first thing I'd love to see you run toward is hope. Whatever your particular situation, no matter how unhappy you may be the first step is to recognize this can be temporary. Decide that right now.

Take some time with that part. Practice believing that. Every day. Every 10 minutes of every day if you have to.

Loosen the grip

Once you've gotten really firm about making your current situation temporary. It's time to practice loosening the hold it has on you. This could mean setting and enforcing some new boundaries. It could mean disappointing some people. It could mean saying no to things at work.

Have you heard of the concept of a minimum viable product? This refers to an early, basic version of a product (like a computer program or piece of technology) that meets the minimum necessary requirements for use but can be adapted and improved in the future.

This is you now.

You're the minimum viable product at the moment. Do your job well but put an official moratorium on overachieving. Unless you're looking for a promotion or a raise, you need to direct your energy and attention to where it matters.

You're going to need some bandwidth for this. Make some decisions in this area. What needs your attention most? It could be your physical, mental, or emotional health, your family, your relationships. Take some time and take stock. Other areas of focus could be building up your professional connections, researching possible career paths, or taking a course.

What can you run toward?

You might be at a point now where all you know for sure is that you don't want to be doing what you're doing. That it's taken a toll on you for far too long. It no longer feels worthwhile. If you don't know where to start on your journey of confirming what you want to run towards, here are some options to consider:

  • Do a transferable skills analysis

  • Get clear on what makes work feel worthwhile to you (your career and life values and drivers)

  • Complete a decision-making exercise

  • Have a career conversation

I'll include a step by step of how to do each of these things over the next 4 weeks. This will give you some time to focus on believing your struggle is temporary and loosening the grip.

Remember the power of YET. You might not know what's next yet, but you can work on your belief that it's coming and that it's going to be awesome.

Thanks for being here. As always, I'm cheering you on.

Did you know that you can hire me to be your dedicated career change coach? Indeed, it's true. If you're serious about making a career change or leaving your profession...good.

Because I'm serious about helping you. Work with me for 16 weeks for help leaving behind a career that no longer serves you and into one that feels completely worthwhile.

I know something brought you here and maybe it was a search for what to do next about your career. There are a few ways I can help:

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Sarah took the Make Work Better quiz and said this:

“Christine! I wanted to say thanks. I completed the quiz and then it clicked: I don't feel my contributions are recognized or valued by my employer. Time to have a tough conversation and make some decisions. Thanks for the nudge.”

Kim, a one on one coaching client had this to say about working with me:

I followed Christine on social media for quite some time before I reached out so I felt confident that she was the right coach for me. I’d recommend her coaching for anyone who feels stuck in their career and doesn’t quite know where to begin – anyone looking for accountability and motivation to change. Working with Christine led to a huge shift in my thinking about the level of power I have over my personal contentment. What I liked best about working with Christine was that I felt safe – she is genuine, honest and supportive – so I was able to be vulnerable and easily share what I needed in order to move forward. Her constant reassurance that it’s okay to continue exploring, shifting and changing as I grow was invaluable for my piece of mind. Most importantly, Christine believed in me when I had trouble believing in myself. She helped me truly internalize that no matter what obstacles and challenges arise, I can persevere and continue moving forward.


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