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Single Sessions

Living room
Sometimes you need a Career SOS!
An hour with a professional career counsellor to regroup.

"It helped to talk through my situation, get some perspective and have some concrete next steps in place."
--Ben B., Marketing Manager

"I schedule a few of these sessions every year. They help me take stock of where my career is headed and how I'm feeling about it. As a physician I'm at high risk for burn out.  I always feel better after our sessions."
-- Jaime S., Pediatrician

You'll get:


60 minutes by phone with a professional career counsellor: We’ll work on whatever career or work related issues, questions etc. you bring to the call.

3 Business Days of follow up support by email after our call: If you think of something you forgot to ask, need clarification etc., just email me. Consider this an additional 60 minutes of support from me.

Pricing + Details

Session Cost:

$189 (all inclusive - Canadian dollars-US, GB/International clients welcome!)


1, one-to-one career counselling/coaching session by phone (1 hr) plus 3 business days after for follow-up (up to 60 extra minutes)). *US/International calls will be done via Google Meet (Audio only).

Next Steps:

Schedule your call and make your payment. 

Looking for more? How about a more structured approach to better understand what you need and want from your work and which careers, environments, or changes are most likely to align? 

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