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Meet the Founder:

I've worked with organizations including the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (Work Adjustment Program), The Canadian National Institute for the Blind Career Centre, The Centre for Skills Development + Training, Mohawk College, Crawford & Co., Randstad RiseSmart, the Workplace Safety + Insurance Board, and Xello (formerly Career Cruising). I've provided outplacement services for many, many companies locally and across North America.
I offer an experienced, compassionate, non-judgmental and pro-active approach to career development. 


When I'm not working with clients or consulting, researching, or writing for the EdTech space (my educational and career content is used by millions of educators and students across North America and the UK), I'm gardening, or driving teenagers (waves hands wildly) everywhere.
I believe in aligning my work to what I want for my life. It supports my values, needs, and preferences. I want this for every working person, including you. Thanks for being here.
How can I help?
Booth Careers Career Counselling and Coaching

About Christine:

After over 20 years spent working in the field of vocational rehabilitation, career and employment counselling, assessment, training, and supervision, I now run Booth Careers Counselling and Coaching based in Burlington, Ontario and providing services across the globe.

completed my undergraduate studies in Psychology /Child Studies and post-grad studies in Career + Work Counselling. I've held a number of certifications and professional designations including certification with The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals. I'm professionally trained and qualified to administer a range of career assessments and I'm a resume writer. I also currently write professionally in the career development space and have developed and overseen job search and career change programs.

Guiding your career journey with
compassion and integrity

Booth Careers is committed to upholding a set of crystal clear values defining how clients are supported and cared for.





Empathy and Compassion: There is a deep understanding that every individual's career journey is unique, and it's often accompanied by personal challenges, aspirations, and uncertainties. Each client's story is approached with empathy and compassion, and without judgment. Your well-being is the top priority.

Ethical Integrity: Trust is at the heart of Booth Careers. The highest ethical standards are upheld to ensure your best interests are always protected. A commitment to ethical integrity means your personal information is held in strict confidence. Recommendations are guided by your unique needs. Transparency and honesty are at the forefront. Your career is the focus, as is advocating for your success.

Professional Competence: The world of careers is dynamic and ever-evolving. A dedication to staying at the forefront of career development, counselling methodologies, and industry trends is made priority. A commitment to professional competence and continuous learning, provides you with the most effective guidance and support. Booth Careers’ knowledge and skills are your assets, enabling you to make informed, impactful career decisions.


Register for a free 30-minute information session!

Single sessions you can book any time for immediate support (and relief) when things at work feel hard.

A structured approach to understanding what you want and need from your work and which careers, environments, and changes are most likely to align.

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